Sunday, February 24

Making my first frame (for my art prints) with the help of my dad.  :)

 We're using cedar wood. 3/4"(depth)x 6"(width)x 8'(length)  We choose cedar wood because of it's naturally rough look like barn siding to go with my farm animal prints
 Me ripping it down the middle to make two 3" wide pieces.

 Dad showing me how to make a "rabbit" for the print and glass to sit in the frame.
Adjust the blade to desired length. We chose to make the rabbit 1/2" x 3/4".
 Finished rabbit groove.  (I have no idea why it's called a rabbit.)
Then we Cut the two pieces into four pieces, longer than needed because we still need to miter the edges (@ 45 degree angles.)
We measured each side of the print. Our print was a 16"x 20". The inside of the frame needs to be a 16"x 20" (or perhaps a 15 1/2" x 19 1/2" to overlap the print a little.) We choose to do 16x20.
Two of our pieces need to measure 16" on one side (where the angle starts and then goes up from there.) That is where it will fit together with the other pieces.
 The other two pieces need to measure 20" on the inside, where the angle will start and go up from there.)
 Once we had the measurement on the inside we set the saw to a 45 degree angle and Cut.

After Cutting all four pieces at a 45, we stood the pieces up to make sure the two 16" ones matched and the two 20" ones matches. If not, go back and slightly dust off what needs it. 
Again, the measurement is the bottom of the angled Cut, not the top. 

This is what it looks like put together. The inside is measured at 16"x 20". 
  Put wood glue on all angled Cuts.
 Smear it to make sure evenly spread.
After gluing, put brant nails(1/2" thin nails) in to each corner for extra hold. Then Clamp together and let sit for a few hours or overnight.

Here's our "poor man's Clamps."
Ready to mount the print.  We added an extra 1/2" all the way around to the foam core backing so it fits into the rabbit we made earlier. (Remember, the rabbit was 1/2"x 3/4" into the underside of the frame.)
 Use a straight edge and sharp exacto knife to Cut along measurement.
 Place inside frame to see if it fits.
 Waa laa!

You can have a piece of glass Cut at Lowe's (fast and Cheep) or opt for no glass like here. 

All that is left is to buy diamond points or nails to keep the print in the frame, wire and small screw eye hooks for the wire. 

Happy framing!


***If you are interested in having me build you a Custom frame, please email me at:

I Charge $35 for a 16"x20" Custom frame plus the price of shipping. 

Monday, February 11

Illustration samples for a children's book!

Please contact me @ to inquire!

Tuesday, September 11

A cool idea to restore old pieces of furniture. I painted the little table on the left red and glued newspapers to the top.

Found this little dresser at "Goodwill" for $10 and painted it to look old and added a vine up the side.... 

How I did it:

I applied a base coat in "satin finish" in a teal color. 

Then I added this on top of the teal:

Let dry (follow directions!)  Once dry, I added a top coat in "Flat off white."

The final look creates dramatic weathered lines and looks really cool!  

Here is the wooden coffee table I made. Solid Pine.